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Clean living

Purest air, clearest water, nicest folks. Town El Remate is a perfect jungle lodged-respite before trekking 45 minutes north to Tikal, the Grandaddy of ruins.

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Ceiba Tree

The Mayans believed that these sacred trees held up the sky.

Below: Ruins of Tikal, a Mayan Megapolis going back to 600 BC anchored by a complex rain water collection system, accessible, well-preserved towers and an establishing shot location for Star Wars. 

The Tikal National Park cradling the archaeological site is formidable at over 140,000 acres and offers a diverse, exotic neotropical flora and fauna; broadleaf and palm forests, wetlands, anteaters, several monkey species, jaguars. 

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Crossed the border from Belize. Worth the experience. You can reserve a shuttle service for a little more than can take you through customs as well.


20 bucks through the 2 minute customs, negotiating currency exchange rates (don't exchange money until you get past customs), finding a ride to El Remate (1.5 hours) in the dark, a lively and friendly experience.


Tranquil jungle town on the shore of mammoth Lake Petén Itzá, but watch out for the alligators. Slow pace, 45 minutes to Tikal. Casa de Don David - lodging. Funky, sweet, fun, nice folks, thoughtful gardens, great locale, nice price.


Epic, well organized, 3 restaurants and lodges, tons of shade, jungle breezes, safe steps to the tops of towers, wildlife, heaven. Get a map and get a guide.

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