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Sea of Cortez

The Flying Sea Rays of Cortez. Why do they do it? "No one really knows...some say because it cleans bacteria off their bodies, or it's a type of courtship, or,  because it's fun!" - our guide told us.

Below: The magical port of La Paz: Street Art mirroring the sea, literal Masters of Ceviche, light on gringos, long on siesta and night walks, a halo over La Morante Art Bar

Mexico: Baja Peninsula: Video
Mexico: Baja Peninsula: Pro Gallery


The edge of the peninsula, overlooking Espiritu Santos. Sunsets that awe, and the strange circling of the Magnificent Frigatebirds, (Fregata magnificens)​, hinting at a prehistoric era. Return to La Paz for the 45 min sunset drive.

Below: Espirtu Santos, a prehistoric adventure continues... A sea lion colony with maybe a feisty mama lion (take caution around the pups!), Whale Shark tracking, flying sea rays and miles of desert-meets-sea enchantment

Mexico: Baja Peninsula: Image
Mexico: Baja Peninsula: Pro Gallery



2.5 - 3 Hour Shuttle to La Paz

  • Fly into Cabo San Lucas, aka San Jose de Cabo Airport.

  • There are 2 routes, the mountainous route: Ask to stop for a coffee in El Triunfo - it has a smokestack designed by Eifell.  

    • Or: Take the shuttle thru Todos Santos, offer to pay the $7 toll, it's quicker.

  • Stay at The Yeneka Hotel by the bus station, it's unique, cheap, and you'll meet real people. Book thru Airbnb


Malecon, Art, Menus and Music

  • Sunrise, sunset at the 3-mile Malecon;  jog, or do the sculpture walks. Do not sign up for excursion outfits here

  • Scope out the Grafitti Art that Mirrors the sea. Walk the interior of town during lazy late afternoons

  • Take Spanish Classes at El Nopal -​​

  • Called the "Aquarium of the World," eat seafood. Go watch the Calamari Masters delve up the fresh catch, get sushi

  • Live local music, films projected in the courtyard, art presentations, at Morante Art Bar


Balandra, Tecolote, Espiritu Santos

  • Take the bus to Balandra Beach for the enchantment, Tecolote for food drinks, and activities. Be sure to take the sunset bus back to La Paz. 45 minutes to Tecolote, the further beach

  • *Espiritu Santos* is the reason you're in La Paz. Take a smaller outfit for a full day of swimming with whale sharks (Oct-May), with Sea Lions at their colony, lunch at your own beach, rock formations, Frigate birds. Be respectful, bring a GoPro.

Mexico: Baja Peninsula: List


or, Sunset

Mexico: Baja Peninsula: Video
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