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Top of the World, North of the Wall

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The northernmost year round settlement on Earth. Russian miners, Norwegian tourists, Polar Bears, Dog breeders, Climate Scientists, and Northern Lights Chasers

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A first day out for the pups, discovering a reindeer carcass, getting new bearings, being adorable

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Foxi – Arctic Husky Travellers
Hello! My name is Foxi and I’m a smart and nice little girl. I only weigh 18 kg, which makes me the smallest dog in the pack, but that means nothing! I was trained as a lead dog and few are tougher than me. My size makes me fast, a good runner and since I’m so light I stay up on top of the snow. I was born in 2010, so I’m seven years old. I have participated in the world’s longest sled dog race, Iditarod in Alaska, and Europe’s longest sled dog race, Finnmarksløpet in Norway. I have also been to the North Pole. I had to travel by both helicopter and planes to get there so it’s fair to say I’m an experienced traveller. I’m also a mother and that’s what I’m most proud of.

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